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5 Best Interior Design Themes for Your Home Space

This generation has an increasing inclination to the essence of aesthetics which is eventually channeling into the world of interior design as well. Different themed home spaces garner different types of clients. And thus, differentiating these various interior design themes by their original characteristics works as an essential tool in creating the home spaces. For example, while the rustic theme is very original to the essence of raw earthiness and nature-inspired elements, the bohemian theme is the epitome of warmth and coziness. And there are many more alluring interior designs out there. Now, having all this variety of themes can get very hard to pick from. Thus today, we break down 5 trending interior design themes that work the best on a modern home interior. 

Warm Toned Living Space

The Rustic Rawness 

Can’t get enough of nature? Bring the greens indoors with the au naturel essence of the rustic-themed interior design. Cottage and barn aesthetics combined with a little touch of earthiness serve as a major inspiration for this theme. For shades and colors, pick on earthy tones with warm undertones for creating a cozy base. For the furniture pieces, try dark-featured wooden pieces with a little edgy accent. Placing some potted plants will also tie into the other nature-inspired elements of your rustic-themed abode and will totally elevate your home ambiance.  

Rustic Rawness

The Modern Vintage 

This one has been up for the longest time and we don’t see it parting with the trending charts anytime soon. So, what is it exactly about the vintage-themed interiors that makes it so enticing? The answer lies within its timeless features and classic appeal. Vintage-themed interiors are notably one of the hardest to attain because of the depth of their elements. Modern vintage-themed home interiors are a blend of antique and modern pieces.  

Vintage-themed interior design will demand showcasing vintage pieces. And that is something that you don’t have to worry about. Most of the online stores now have a good stock of vintage-themed décor and furniture pieces for really good prices. For the walls, vintage-inspired wallpapers work as very efficient and easy picks. Vintage artistry mixed with modern lighting, flooring, and accenting can create the perfect modern vintage interior. Top it all off with minimal gold accents to give it a little classic touch. 

Modern Vintage Essence

The Power of Pastel 

For modern homes craving comfort and serenity, pastel-themed interior designs are the literal holy grail. This theme revolves around designing a dreamy relaxing crib. For colors, you can pick absolutely anything of your choice in a solid pastel shade, both cool and warm tones will do. Going for a pastel ombre wall is an incredible way to blend multiple colors together and that can beautifully double as a feature wall. However, the colors apt for this interior design can come off as a little too feminine at times. So, to neutralize that try to use some dark tones on the metal boards of the furniture and accent features such as doorknobs and cabinet handles. 

Dreamy Pastel Loft

The Major Maximalist 

When you are on board with the term “The more, the merrier”, we assure you that you are going to absolutely adore this theme. This theme will give you major room for personalization. A maximalist home will be big on patterns and textures. Rich dark tones with a pop of colors are a common trait. Starting right from beautifully assembled feature walls to geometrically patterned wallpapers and layered rugs, you will find it all in this home space.  

With no rules to abide by, this theme takes inspiration from a number of other interior designs and everything eventually falls into its own place. However, maximalism is not only an adaptive theme, it is also a lifestyle. Thus, too much of it can turn the space into tacky. Try to keep a note of what you add and how it adds to the rest of the aesthetics. As inclusive as this theme is, dumping décors and articles without any purpose can create unwanted positive space. 

Maximalist fantasy

The Bohemian Chic 

Creating a bohemian home interior can get as creative as spinning a whimsical fairytale. This style is all-inclusive of global inspiration and allows you to experiment as well as mix and match other themes to your heart’s content. Big on colors, this theme is very expressive in art forms. Some of the most common visuals of a typically chic boho home will be consisting of raw textures on textiles, a splash of colors on walls as well as décors, a variety of handcrafted articles on display, and an overall feeling of unkempt coziness. If you are someone who loves a casually laid-home space, the bohemian theme will serve you the best. 

Bohemian Crib

These 5 are our absolute favorite picks when it comes to designing a trendy home interior. Hopefully learning more about these trends has helped you in figuring out what your personal preferences are. Also, we advise you to prioritize personalization over everything when designing a space. That was all for now. Keep coming back to us for more of these articles and stay inspired!

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