A pale and soft minimalist living room

How to Design an Ideal Minimalist Home Interior

Residing in the same home space for a long while can get monotonous at times and so does the designing of the space. Today’s generation is super drawn towards the concept of a clean lifestyle and minimalist approach. There are multiple reasons for this. Minimalist homes are devoid of the messiness created by the excess clutter we usually have laying around our households. And while they have a lot of empty space going on, their interiors offer just the perfect amount of warmth and inviting aura that our home should be able to make us feel. So, today we will take you through a few pointers and tips that will help you in designing an effortlessly minimalist home. 

Minimalist Approach

Honest Approach to Minimalism 

Firstly, you will have to realize the reason behind your decision to go with this style. Some of the very probable reasons are that you love the clean lifestyle, you are tired of managing the clutter in your home or you are in awe of the simplicity that a minimalist interior design offers. Once you do understand why you want to switch, you would want to figure out what you want to switch. In this regard, your sole mantra should be “Less is more.” 

Arranging the space

Clearing Out and Creating Space 

The main idea behind the minimalist home interior design is to help you pick a baggage-free lifestyle. By adapting to this style of living, you will also get to enjoy the major cut in the cost of maintenance overall. But first of all, you will have to declutter anything that feels like it has lost its purpose. Decluttering is acceptably the most difficult step to creating a minimalist home space. For starters, try to list out items that you haven’t used in years and probably won’t use again. Once done with the list, do not hesitate to get rid of them all.  

A minimalist but functional bedroom

Storage Units with Maximized Functionality 

Switching into minimalism does not mean that you have to cut loose all your necessities and belongings. It just means that you will have to incorporate practical yet chic storage space. This is something that will bring out the illusion of negative space in your rooms. Maximize the storage units and try to be minimalist with the samples of the drawers, cabinets, or panels you pick. Go for pieces of furniture and decors that can double as storage space. Cleaver and chic are the words that should define your ideal minimalist storage units. 

Smart and Chic Storage Space

Adding On Accents  

A minimalist home interior shouldn’t translate to a collective bunch of bland and vacant rooms. The minimalist style actually offers plenty of room for personalization and accents. You just have to be careful enough not to overdo it. As we mentioned earlier, your home should be indicative of “less is more.” You can start out by picking a random feature wall with a fun splash of color. And while at that make sure that the feature wall doesn’t take away or subdue the simplicity of the shades on the walls enclosing it. 

Accents to an All White Palette

Preferences of Colors and Shades 

Be neutral with your base color. That will save you all that hassling over hundreds of shades that each single-color has to offer. When you are done picking your favorite neutral color, do note down its undertone. Then, proceed with the undertone as the inspiration for the accents and the complementary decoration. For example, if you settle on a beige shade with pink undertones, then you should try to accessorize your abode with decors and pieces with similar undertones. Don’t use too many colors, stick to one palette and keep it clean. 

Warm And Cozy Minimalist Living Space

Use of Clean Lines and Soft Corners  

Leave your room to the furniture and décor pieces. With all the messiness now tidied up, allow the lines of the furniture to play out. For example, you can try out pairing a comfy softy shaped couch and a coffee table with very sharp lines. These two pieces play off each other perfectly without either of them drawing too much attention. For décor pieces, try picking larger pieces of items. This is because the goal is to increase the quality while reducing the quantity. A simple piece of handy article like a frameless full-length mirror leaned on a wall in a corner is a perfect example of what you should be looking for. 

Creating Lines and Soft Corners

Lighting Up the Place 

With the minimalism dictating your rooms, now you need to focus on the proper lighting setup. Minimalist interior designs crave plenty of natural light to open up space and to create the essence of warmth. Go big on the modern lighting models that you decide on installing. Don’t shy away from chic structured lamps. You can also consider using some bright paneled ceiling lights to maximize the brightness. Even the angles work in favor of the paneled lights as the ceiling covers the largest looming area of a room.

Unique Chic Modern Lighting Fixtures

Owning Your Space 

There is no way to complete a home interior without a touch of personalization. An inviting home should feel unique to the taste of its residents. Invest in pieces that feel personal to you as well as complements the aesthetics of your home. You can also repurpose stuff that you have saved from your decluttering session. Keep your minimalist home neat but don’t forget to add a little fun accent every now and then. One of the greatest perks to picking this style is that you will have the economic feasibility to switch your décor items all the time. 

A Little Corner With Personalized Decors

There you have it guys, the basic steps that you need to trace for acing a perfect minimalist themed home interior design. Do not fret over how to proceed with things. Try to create small notes on what your vision is. Lookup for inspiration; they are everywhere! Get on with one room at a time and soon you will be wrapping up the final strings. Have fun designing and stay tuned for our next article.

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